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The most part of the territory of Angola is occupied by the plateau about 1500 meters high (the highest point - Moko's mountain - 2610 m). The western region of the plateau abrupt ledges breaks to the narrow seaside lowland.

Economically active population makes 40,3% of residents of the country aged is more senior than 10 years. From them men - 60,1%, women of 38,4% (the others - 1,5%, - have no continuous earnings or are the unemployed). About 74% of economically active population are occupied in agriculture; 11% - in the industry and construction; 15% - in other branches of a national economy (trade, transport, services industry, etc.).

The country experiences serious difficulties with supply of the population with food and necessities. Own production satisfies only 10% of needs of the country for the food and raw materials.

On reserves of minerals Angola – one of the richest African states. In the country oil (the general stocks – 1,6 billion t is extracted., industrial – 420 million t.), gas, diamonds (300-350 million carat), are available fields iron (0,2-0,5 billion t.), copper (125-280 million t.) ores, phosphorites (60-150 million t.), quartz (800-1000 million t.), granite (1200 million t.), flyuirit, gold, silver, rare-earth elements, plaster, a kaolin, raw materials for production of cement. Angola possesses also considerable hydroenergy resources.