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Secrets to write project proposals

involvement of foreign investors for participation in modernization of metallurgical units in producing departments, for the purpose of improvement of a trade dress of production that will allow to increase its competitiveness;

The gain of the current costs of production and sale is defined as the additional eksplutatsionny expenses connected with implementation of the project. Additional eksplutatsionny expenses are determined by the changing articles:

to start the qualified development business - plans for the solution of specific problems, the organization and expansion of production of the competitive types of production having the guaranteed sale and to conduct search of internal and external investors for financing of works on realization - plans;

Pure investments in such context represent investments of capital in again created production device. They there are less than funds, gross at size allocated from fund of compensation in the form of depreciation charges for a complete recovery. The invested means from funds of compensation and updating characterize finally a ratio between simple and expanded reproduction. In the economic theory the basic classifying sign of division of investments in forms is considered allocation of financial and real investments. Allocation from the total amount of an innovative form of investments and intellectual investments in some cases - is conditional as intellectual investments in the most part are innovations.

At the expense of increase are long hot-rolled strips to increase the accuracy and planeness of holodnokatanny hire; to increase productivity of a shirokopolosovy camp of hot rolling and units of shop of cold rolling.