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As much as possible to satisfy demands of the construction, mining and rudoobrobatyvayushchy companies, and also producers of the hydrotool we plan to let out the following range of production:

Essentially important quality of connecting tips is their reliable fastening to a rubber sleeve, the providing tightness and special durability of connection with a sleeve. These requirements are realized by volume deformation of the coupling of a tip in the blooming car.

The market of sleeves of a high pressure is an organizational market, that is the considerable part of his consumers is made by the organizations. The main consumers of sleeves of a high pressure (RV are the enterprises making heavy machinery, such as bulldozers, tractors, graders and excavators, and the enterprises making the hydroequipment. At these RVD enterprises are accessories for their production. Also consumers of RVD are the forest and mining industry, municipal services and construction companies which use new RVD for replacement of the worn-out.

Except advertizing advance of goods can be improved, participating in various specialized exhibitions. Some buyers do not trust letters and continue to use already checked source. Visit of an exhibition where various samples of sleeves will be shown and also to be carried out them tests, can change opinion on the offered product. At exhibitions there is an opportunity to tell about a product in more detail, and also personally to interest the consumer.

The following research problems of the market were set: to define market size and nature of the competition. This research allowed to estimate, whether will be able to reach the enterprise for production of RVD of economy at a scale that would make its production competitive.