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For successful functioning of the enterprises in the conditions of market economy are especially important not only their privatization and privatization, but also associations of the capital and efforts of the labor collectives directed on increase of its return. On the basis of such concentration of resources and capacities of productions of various profile it will be possible to maneuver means, to accelerate NTP, to lower expenses material and a manpower.

The rent enterprise with share property ("national enterprise") in which are inherent, except the high level of collective possession and management has the smallest degree of efficiency (all "are equal" also a condition of achievement of welfare to everyone is only personal I rub: low efficiency of investments into production, low possibility of fast increase of production efficiency, the lowest level of economic responsibility and interest of collective, the longest terms of repayment of the enterprise.

Leasing of intangible assets at the lessor is carried out on account 01 "Intangible assets", and the lessee on vnebelansny account 002 has "Goods on the corresponding preservation" of an ipa on the mentioned account 001 "Rent fixed assets" though it is not absolutely right.