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Than the size of the considered indicator is higher, than subjects effective use of fixed assets of firm. If profitability of fixed capital increases, and profitability of assets in general decreases, the following options are possible: or current assets increase, or the firm buys finished goods, or there is a growth of material and production stocks, or receivables or cash increase. The additional analysis of dynamics of structure of current assets will help to clear the reasons of the created situation.

If the Buyer tells to the Seller that his inspector will not be able to be present at test, or the Seller will not receive any notice, he has the right to carry out test in absence of the inspector of the Buyer.

Under such circumstances it is impossible to claim that high profitability is a consequence, say, of effective use of the capital, but not simple price inflation. Thus, as a result analytical estimates can be unpresentable.

The indicator of profitability of assets shows efficiency of use of the capital invested in property of firm – the main and reverse. Low level of profitability of assets in comparison with this indicator at other firms testifies to low demand for production of firm or to recapital investments in assets.

The protocol on carrying out final tests and start-up of the equipment in operation signed by representatives of the Seller and the Buyer, confirming achievement with the equipment of guarantee quantitative and quality indicators.

Speaking about profitability, it is necessary to pay attention that, despite a set of the existing indicators, the analysis of profitability of work of the enterprise, being reliable and representative in the conditions of the developed market economy, can lead to the inexact distorted results and estimates in relation to an economy in transition.